Bottom Shelf Day! and Looking Forward to 2018…

Bottom Shelf Day! and Looking Forward to 2018…


Hey all – I was going to go live for a few minutes, but I thought this might be better. Just wanted to take a quick second and say thank you to everyone that I’ve/we’ve met this past year and has supported us by hanging out on Twitch, watching our YouTube videos, leaving comments, liking, sharing with your friends and of course becoming patrons, twitch subs, and cheering us during our streams. I can’t tell you what it truly means to me, and I appreciate the hell out of all of you. I’ve put a lot of work into this thing this year, and hopefully, there’s only more to come going into 2018. Love you all!

Super special shout out to Maddy, EE, Marija, Sdubz, Abro, and Sticky for consistently spending way too much time with me on stream and really demonstrating everything I want this awesome little community to be someday. Y’all are the best and I hope we have another awesome year together.

Quick Notes on Special Dates I already know about this year:

January 25-28, 2018 – NAMM Convention – I’ll be in Anaheim All Week

March 4, 2018 – Bottom Shelf Day! – More Details Soon, Probably a Long Stream

August 3-5, 2018 – RTX Austin – Will Be in Austin for the Weekend, We WILL be doing a meetup like we talked about before

November 3, 2018 – Extra Life 24 Hour Stream (Estimated, this is typically the first or second Saturday of November, Details as soon as we get them)

❤ Kenway