Post-Bottom Shelf Day

Post-Bottom Shelf Day


Hey all!

I wanted to take a second and just say thanks for giving us one hell of a Bottom Shelf Day. The stream was a ton of fun and it was so great seeing so many of your pretty faces. Can’t wait until next year!

That said as far as big streams go…the next thing (currently) on our calendar is Extra Life in November when we’ll be raising money again for Riley’s Children Hospital. I just got the email from Extra Life this morning that last year they raised over 11 million dollars for Children’s hospitals across the US. Incredible. Hope to see you there!

Lastly, in today’s creative environment growth is a really difficult thing. Finding a way to cut through the noise is difficult – and for that we do now, and will always need your help. If you could, should you get the chance in the coming weeks – recommend Bottom Shelf to a friend or 5 that you truly think would enjoy what we do, it would mean the world to me and the rest of the guys too.

Thanks so much for all of your support over the last year.

<3 Ken