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  • Hey all! I wanted to take a second and just say thanks for giving us one hell of a Bottom Shelf Day. The stream was a ton of fun and it was so great seeing so many of your pretty faces. Can’t wait until next year! That said as far as big streams go…the next thing (currently) on our calendar … (Read More)

  • Hey all! There’s something I want to address with you guys (because I’m a fan of transparency) we’re gonna be pulling back the amount of content we’re releasing a bit, for a bit. OMG KEN YOURE ALREADY NOT STREAMING LIKE AT ALL IS BS DYING?! Thank you for your concern, pretend concerned citizen. No, it’s actually not related at all. … (Read More)

  • Hey all! Just a quick FYI, since I think I’ve only talked about it on Stream – we’re going to be doing a New Years Eve Stream on…well, you know, New Year’s Eve. Who’s “we” you ask? No, I don’t have a mouse in my pocket. I’ll be gaming into the new year with Jake and if I can convince … (Read More)

  • Hey all – I was going to go live for a few minutes, but I thought this might be better. Just wanted to take a quick second and say thank you to everyone that I’ve/we’ve met this past year and has supported us by hanging out on Twitch, watching our YouTube videos, leaving comments, liking, sharing with your friends and … (Read More)

  • HOLY WHAT HAPPENED TONIGHT – Not much of an announcement, really just wanted to say how much I effing love you guys. Tonight was a crazy cool stream and it put a much, much-needed smile on my face this week. Y’all the dang best :purple_heart:

  • So, we finally got to shoot a new “show” where we just sit down and respond to YouTube comments. It’s honestly probably my favorite thing we’ve ever done. Head over to our YouTube to watch now! Enjoy! P.S. If you leave fun comments on our videos chances are we’ll read them on more of these down the line.

  • Well, sort of! We revived an old stream-show and made it a YouTube show, LUL. Anywho, this will be sort of a “Seasonal” show that we do in short bursts, rather than all the time – so this year for the month of October every Thursday at 1 PM EST (we hope, haha) come watch Kenway be scared and irritate … (Read More)

  • Hey kids! One week from today, we’re launching a brand new show/podcast. Kenway pairs up with longtime friend Zach Christman to dive into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on this first set of episodes, with upcoming episodes on D.C., Star Wars, you name it. The show is a little over two hours long and is split into 4 … (Read More)